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One company which has captured the attention of the mobile gaming market is Wild Jack Mobile which caters for the mobile casino market. Wild Jack Casino has been operating since 1999. This was a very delicate time to enter the market as there was still a lot of insecurity and jitteriness after the dot com slump. With many similar companies crashing and burning all around them, Wild Jack stuck to their business model and is today one of the largest mobile gambling sites in the world. Because of Wild Jack Casino remaining a bastion of stability, the customer base is large, diverse and very loyal.

Wild Jack Casino offers almost 300 casino games with the favorite games including keno, blackjack, poker, slots and scratch cards. This diverse games spread and unique bonus offerings are just some of the reasons for such committed customers. With so many competitors out there offering a similar product, it is important to maintain a competitive advantage at all time and never let one’s guard down – not even for a second. Word-of-mouth is the most underrated marketing tool and this can either make or break a brand. The Internet community is a very close one and there are even blog sites dedicated to the destruction of online gambling for religious or moral reasons. Some blog sites also allow discontented customers to vent their frustrations about bad service or fraud.

Wild Jack Casino offers all their subscribers 24/7 support. The customer service operators are contactable by e-mail, online real time chat and also by phone to allow for an even more personalized experience. There is still a certain level of nervousness surrounding the transfer of funds online. This is why Wild Jack Casino employs the services of only the most reputable secure online funds transfer companies. These include Click2Pay, Firepay and NETeller. Although this does mean that the casino could be losing out on customers who “bank” with the smaller funds transfer companies, the decision makers at Wild Jack decided to rather streamline such an integral part of the business. These customers can then use any of MasterCard, Visa or debit card services. All this is protected by a series of multi layer firewalls and 128-bit SSL encryption technology.

This streamlining has led to Wild Jack Casino’s winning the reputation of having some of the quickest payouts on the Internet. The operating software is also powered by Microgaming. Microgaming operates many of the leading online casinos. Running Viper as its main software, it offers a realistic gaming experience with each online casino’s customers’ demands. Because Microgaming also supports wireless and mobile gaming, it was an obvious choice for Wild Jack Casino.

Although there is some debate around this topic, most experts agree that Microgaming created the first online casino in 1994. Millions of dollars have been invested in creating the most sophisticated gaming experience and games spread. Microgaming has also poached some of the top software developers in the world to work at their headquarters in the Isle of Man. This has led to an incredible four games a week being released – all adhering to Microgaming’s high standards.

Wild Jack Mobile Casino runs off Spin3 technology. This software works in conjunction to Microgaming to offer a seamless package. In the United Kingdom alone, over 80 cellular phone models now support Wild Jack Mobile’s technology and this number is growing constantly. These mobile games are available to anyone over the age of 18. Wild Jack Mobile is also the first company in the UK that has its games built on GameWire V.2. Players no longer need to log onto the main website to register and upload funds. All this can now be done via a handset while on the move.

GameWire incorporates the latest Java technology to provide for a user-friendliness and high end graphics. All this software combined equates to a secure age verification system, the ability to create an account and uploading funds directly via mobile technology, links to a progressive jackpot and the Wild Jack Casino help centre. Meeting the strict independent observers’ criteria is difficult and Wild Jack Casino is a beacon of how things should be done within legislative parameters.

One of the most popular games available to subscribers to Wild Jack Mobile’s service is the five reel Lara Croft machine game. Besides for the Tomb Raider computer game, two Hollywood blockbusters have been created, featuring Angelina Jolie. Being one of the most searched-for celebrities on the Internet, this game resulted in an unprecedented amount of hits for Wild Jack Casino.

All of Tomb Raider’s original iconography is included in the game. These include ancient artefacts, golden idols, Egyptian mummies and hidden icons in the lucrative bonus rounds. For a mobile game, the graphics are superb and the play is seamless. The game was also created by Microgaming so it already has an advantage over other mobile slots games.

Another popular game provided by Wild Jack Mobile is blackjack. Blackjack attracts millions of players around the world in land based and online casinos due to its fast play and simplicity. This is not a game of pure luck, though. This game also requires a level of strategy. Being available via mobile phones has opened up the world of blackjack to thousands of new gamers as well as avid blackjack fans that can now play their favourite game at their own convenience. It has reached a point in technological development that consumers are now literally walking around with casinos in their pockets. Gambling on the beach or while waiting for a taxi is now a reality.

The game is played with a deck of 52 cards that are e-shuffled after each hand. The core blackjack rules apply where the player must get as close to 21 as possible without going bust. The dealer must then try and beat the player’s hand. The interface looks almost like a land based blackjack table and the realistic graphics are based on mathematical algorithms to mimic real life play.

For poker fanatics, there is also a range of poker games available at Wild Jack Mobile. Again, the graphics and software allow for realistic and seamless play. The main selling point is that poker can now be played anywhere. Although poker is a supposedly difficult game with many nuances to master, the software is developed to a point that even novice players can play with a degree of success. The game play is fast and is now available in a multiplayer option.

All transactions are protected by a series of multi layer firewalls and 128-bit SSL encryption technology – just like Wild Jack Casino’s main website. Mobile gaming offers the rush of online gaming with the convenience of a mobile phone. Wild Jack Mobile’s games tick all the boxes when it comes to summarizing a successful mobile game. Open those flaps and get gaming.

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