Mobile Video Poker

Ever tried talking to someone hunched over their mobile phones, their brows furrowed in concentration and their fingers tapping away? If they don’t answer you, the chances are that they’re deeply involved in a game of mobile video poker. Indeed, mobile video poker has become so popular lately, that many believe that this is the hottest game to hit the mobile industry.

Video poker has always been a firm favorite among players, even before it went online. The earliest models of video poker machines (TV monitors with a central processing unit) were already making their way into our world in the mid 1970’s, but it was only in the last year of that decade that International Game Technology (then SIRCOMA), introduced Draw Poker to US casinos. The game immediately took off as people found it less intimidating than live poker, but still gave them the opportunity to enjoy the challenge of poker.

The objective of mobile video poker, and all video poker for that matter, is to place a bet of one or more credits and then ask the machine to ‘deal’ your cards. Players are dealt five cards and they need to decide whether to discard some, all or none of their cards – with the main aim being to make the best poker hand out of the cards dealt.

Mobile video poker is so popular because it gives players the opportunity to play a fantastically unique combination of slots and poker. The game is played on an animated screen and is brought directly to the palm of your hands because it can be accessed using your mobile phone such as Blackberry, Android or other smart phone. You can wager anything starting from 10c, with the possibility to go much higher, making it the perfect mobile casino game for high rollers.

You can start playing mobile video poker today by finding an online casino that offers the kind of variants you like playing. Not all video poker variants are the same, so you want to find a game that suits you, your gambling lifestyle and your bank roll size. Take some time to shop around and try the games for free.

The next step is to see whether the online casino has a mobile gaming platform and, more importantly, whether it is compatible with your mobile phone. You then download the casino and you can then start playing mobile video poker. Select how many coins you want to wager and the amount of money, and away you go!

You’ll be dealt your cards and then asked which to discard. The skill element in video poker comes at this stage, where you determine how to make your best poker hand based on the cards you have and on those you may be dealt.

Mobile video poker is a great way to enjoy this game on the go. Not only do you get to enjoy great graphics and bonuses, but you also benefit from top mobile video poker bonuses which can lead to ample rewards!

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