Mobile Roulette

Walk onto any casino floor and the busiest area is bound to be around the roulette table. There is something about spinning the wheel and waiting for the ball to fall into a slot that makes this game a firm favorite among players who have enjoyed roulette for literally hundreds of years. The game possibly has its roots in ancient Rome, where soldiers used chariot wheels to bet on numbers or objects, however, the first form of roulette as we know it was created by an 18th Century French mathematician, Blaise Pascale and called ‘roulette’ which means ‘little wheel’ in French.

In the mid 19th century, two Frenchmen introduced a single zero to the wheel and brought the game to a German spa town. The game’s popularity soon picked up around Europe and it reached the shores of the United States through New Orleans. The biggest change that came about in the game was the introduction of the second zero on the wheel, when American casinos wanted to up the house edge. In the 1990’s, roulette reached online casinos, where it became a huge favorite and several years later mobile roulette hit the scene.

Today, mobile roulette is considered one of the most popular offerings at any mobile casino, along with games such as mobile slots and mobile blackjack.

So how do you go about playing mobile roulette?

First of all, you need a mobile phone or other hand held device that can support mobile casino applications, which will be downloaded. This is usually done for free and players should find multiple online casinos which support the free download of their software onto mobile phones. You can check out the games online through a free mobile demonstration, to see how you like the game and the graphics. Consider things such as: Is the mobile casino compatible to my smart phone? Can I play mobile European roulette (and bring down the house edge considerably that way)? Can I practice for free?

Your next step is to add your personal details such as your name, phone number, etc – and you’re ready to go! You will be asked to create a mobile casino account, which you will need to deposit money into if you want to play mobile roulette. Consider a convenient payment that is supported by the mobile casino such as credit cards or alternative methods and the money should appear in your account in no time.

You then choose mobile roulette as a game choice, place your bets and spin the wheel! If your bet pays off, you’ll see the money credited to your account and you can withdraw it or use it to play other casino games at the site.

Mobile roulette was one of the first games to become mobile and provides the perfect solution for players who want to enjoy this great casino choice without having to sit behind their desks or make their way to a live casino floor to play the game.

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