Mobile Poker Room

If there was a game of kings, it would be poker. There is no game out there in any form that has the intrigue that poker carries. The game requires skill, patience, a strong mind and of course a bit of luck. Some players are so focused on the game that they even make a career out of it. One need not look further than the numerous channels dedicated solely to tournament poker. These channels attract millions of viewers from around the world who want to have a piece of the action. To feel what it is like to be in the hot seat.

Thanks to the surge in online gambling, poker is now available to anyone over the age of 18 with just a credit card and an internet connection. But why stop there? The mobile phone is one of the most popular personal items – losing out only to wallets and keys. Mobile phones used to be a status symbol, but are today differentiated only by feature offerings due to the fact that most people in middle to high income groups in Westernized countries have their own mobile phones. This is also the same market that has the disposable income to gamble online.

Because of the technological developments by both cellular phone manufacturers and online casino software developments, it makes sense that these two schools of thought merge. The result is a portable casino. A person can now sit on the beach in France while sipping a cold drink and playing a game of poker with a person sitting on a tram in London.

The Best Place to Play

One of the most successful poker rooms available is, well, Poker Room. It is also one of the oldest. Besides for a broad variety of games, the casino also offers a 50% signup bonus for deposits up to $200. This site is also endorsed by WSOP and WPT – gurus when it comes to poker.

One thing that Poker Room has above some of its competitors is that it is very inclusive. Where most online casinos run solely on Microsoft software, Poker Room is open to Mac, Linux and PC users. Poker Room does not rely on loyalty schemes and bonuses to entice players to sign up. The software and playing experience seems to be doing that job just fine.

The walkthrough of Poker Room is what first grabs your attention. The design is clean and tasteful and gives you the feeling that you’re in a very upmarket venue. In the “lobby”, you’ll find that you can find to other players. This human interaction is very important because gaming with a social element is always more enjoyable.

The software that powers Poker Room is the very best available. The settings are customizable to your preferences and the graphics provide a real life feel to all the games on offer.

Now take all this intrigue and transfer it to your cellular phone. No matter where you are, you can play your favourite poker game. You have the choice of playing against computerized opponents or against other real players from around the world. Texas Holdem is the most popular online poker game and is now available to mobile gamers too from Poker Room Mobile.

You’d probably assume that you’ll pay heavily for such convenience. However, you’ll be surprised to find out that this service only costs you as much as you win or lose. In short, the service is free from Poker Room’s side and the rest is up to your luck and strategy. It is important to find out from your mobile service provider what their rates are for downloading information. An hour of mobile poker will be roughly 350–900kb and this does not include the initial software download.

In the event of your game being disconnected due to a bad connection of a glitch in the software, you will be provided with an extra 30 seconds to reconnect. This is added onto the time that you have set aside to play. If your time runs out before your hand ends, your hand gets folded. If you are not reconnected within these 30 seconds, you need not worry because your hand will automatically fold until you log on again. If you are worried about others using your handset to gamble, you need not worry either. The security settings include a PIN number that only you will know.

Poker Room Mobile is the most convenient way to enjoy your favourite poker game. Instead of sitting on the train and staring into the crowd, you can play poker and win money – right off your cellular phone. Good luck and win big!

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