Mobile Keno

The first keno style game has been traced back to the ancient Han Dynasty in China. Somehow, the ancient Chinese will be forgiven if they don’t recognize the game that keno has turned into, especially with the introduction of mobile keno to the world of gambling entertainment.

Keno has definitely come a long way since the period called the Seven Year War which took place so many thousands of years ago. Legend has it that Cheung Leung wanted to help finance the Han army and devised a method to bring much needed money into the region’s coffers which had become severely depleted due to the lack of basic provisions and war. As such, a lottery system was developed and in this way, Leung managed to raise money from the local Chinese and fund the war. Another legend has it that a keno system was used the fund part of the Great Wall of China.

Naturally, lottery games in all shapes and sizes have been present throughout history, and keno has an obvious presence at online casinos due to its popularity and the ease at which players can learn the game. It was only natural then, that when mobile technology expanded to include mobile casinos on hand held devices, mobile keno became a reality for players seeking instant entertainment in the palm of their hands.

Mobile keno is practically identical to the game played in casinos across the world, and at online casinos in recent years. Players essentially need to pick 15 - 20 numbers and predict that they will be selected out of 80 in the next round. The main difference between mobile keno and regular keno, of course, is that you get to play the game using your mobile phone, such as your Android, Blackberry or iPhone. This is the last word in convenience and has changed the way that keno is played.

With your mobile phone, you can buy tickets and play the next lottery 24/7 from wherever you are. You can choose how much you want to wager and then sit back and enjoy the winnings if Lady Luck decides to smile down on you. Remember that mobile keno is a game of chance, which means that there are no complicated strategies to learn and no skills to perfect. All you need to do is select your numbers and sit back and wait for the results – it’s as simple as that!

Mobile keno looks and feels the same as regular online keno. You’ll see that the payout table is displayed on the game screen so that you know exactly how much you stand in line to win or have won. All you need to do is choose your numbers, make your bets and purchase your tickets. You don’t even have to wait around to see if you’ve won, and you can go on playing other casino games and check back afterwards. There are plenty of incentives to play mobile keno – check them out for yourself.

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