Woodbine Entertainment Launches Mobile Platform

Toronto-based casino and racetrack operator, Woodbine Entertainment Group, has announced the launch of its mobile platform. Its HorsePlayer Interactive service will now be accessible via a range of mobile devices.

Players will be able to access their HorsePlayer Interactive online account through a mobile handset. It will offer the same interface as the online platform, together with account funding, access to the loyalty program, results, replays, live video streaming and more. Players will be able to enjoy exclusive programs and make use of all of the most popular HorsePlayer Interactive features.

“Today’s launch is further proof that Woodbine Entertainment is the industry leader in technology, horseracing, gaming and entertainment,” said Nick Evans, President and Chief Executive Officer at Woodbine Entertainment.

“Mobile devices have become powerful mini-computers with high-speed networks and data plans that are more affordable and accessible. This new mobile site takes advantage of these realities and is much like using a self-serve terminal in the palm of your hand.”

Mr. Evans continued that mobile devices are powerful mini-computers these days that have both high speed networks and data plans. The affordability and accessibility of these devices has increased.

Woodbine said it has launched its mobile platform due to ‘consumer popularity of mobile devices’ and the growing demand for mobile platforms. The mobile platform is also available via HorsePlayerInteractive.com which can be accessed through the user’s mobile device.

Woodbine Entertainment optimized its HoresePlayer Interactive platform for use on Android and iPhone devices; however it is compatible with the majority of mobile handsets.

Woodbine is Canada’s largest horse racing operator and is a leader in the Canadian entertainment and gaming industry. HorsePlayer Interactive, its mobile betting platform, is its newest venture. Players now have access to more than 150 tracks around the world, both online and through their mobile device.