Cubeia Launches Firebase 1.8 Platform for Mobile

Cubeia, the Stockholm-based software development company, has launched the Firebase 1.8 server platform. The platform includes HTML5 support that makes it available for mobile and tablet applications as well as web clients.

Cubeia has announced that the new platform has been released after six months of development and offers “HTML5 support in the form of WebSockets and Comet right into the Firebase server.”

Lars J. Nilsson, Executive Vice President for Cubeia Ltd. commented, “For years people have talked about the coming hand-held revolution. And now it’s upon us. Cubeia Firebase combines the scalability and proven robustness of Firebase with HTML5 support for WebSockets and Comet. There’s no longer any reason not to embrace web-based clients.”

Cubeia was the first software development company in the gaming industry to launch an open source multi-player server. The gaming market is now developing towards multi-media and handheld devices, making HTML5 technology more important that ever before and Cubeia has addressed this need with its new system.

According to Cubeia, the Firebase platform “makes it possible to unify a game portfolio on a single platform, regardless of client technology.” In addition, “the same server game can handle not only Flash, Java and C++ clients, but also any JavaScript capable device.”

“As the market fragments across devices and social channels it’s more important than ever to make sure you have a platform that can support your enterprise. Cubeia Firebase is exactly that: hand-held HTML5 clients that can run side-by-side with downloadable 3D clients. One platform, unlimited scalability,” added Nilsson.

Cubeia, based in Stockholm, Sweden develops scalable systems and services for the gaming industry. Firebase scales small and extremely large installations and can be used for almost any type of game and to serve hard traffic. It can run on any system, from laptops to enterprise clusters and can manage thousands of players at one time.