Mobile Horseracing Legislation Passed in New Jersey

Legislation authorizing horseracing wagering via mobile devices has been passed unanimously by the New Jersey General Assembly. This will allow punters to place bets on horse races via mobile devices.

Ronald Dancer, the local representative for New Jersey’s Twelfth Legislative District sponsored Assembly Bill 2610 with the aim that mobile electronic gaming devices would be allowed throughout racetracks including all indoor and outdoor areas of the Meadowlands complex. Facility operators would need to approve the usage and the New Jersey Racing Commission would also need to give approval before the measures could be implemented.

“With this innovation, horse race fans could place a bet and collect their winnings faster than I’ll Have Another without leaving their seats,” said Mr. Dancer.

“Allowing racetracks to take advantage of the technology that has transformed our daily lives will improve the experience for fans and give New Jersey facilities a competitive edge over other states competing for a share of the horseracing market.”

The Bill would allow punters to access race outcomes and convey wagering details via the mobile gaming devices. The possibility of live viewing on iPhone and iPad devices also exists. This proposal focuses specifically on mobile gaming devices and their regulation by the New Jersey Racing Commission.

“This will merge some of the 21st century into one of the oldest forms of sport,” commented Mr. Dancer.

“People would no longer have to break from enjoying all of the racetrack amenities in order to wait in line to place a bet or collect winnings as they have done for decades. This will put New Jersey at the forefront of using modern technology at the horse track.”

“Horseracing had missed an entire generation of dot com users and electronic mobile gaming devices should be a sure bet to expand the sport’s fan base,” said Dancer.