Intralot Launches Tap’n’Play Technology for Mobile Lotteries

Greek gaming and transaction processing system developer, Intralot SA, has launched a new integrated solution for lotteries, known as Tap’n’Play. Utilizing Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the solution will give customers access to mobile interactive lottery games with the ability to make transactions, exchange digital content and connect more than one electronic handset.

Intralot referred to the new technology as ‘the next big step for a paperless lottery’ with it allowing customers to enjoy the technology with a single touch on their smartphone or tablet device.

“I am excited to introduce Tap’n’Play as a prime example of what the universal gaming experience means to us at Intralot,” announced Vali Bouligaraki, Games and Marketing General Director at Intralot.

“Lottery games and entertainment convergence are realized within a gaming community that connects players, games, mobile devices and bricks-and-mortar retail in a natural and seamless way. We are offering exciting games to build relationships with those players that seek multi-channel experiences at any given time where technology enables, but does not interfere.”

“The solution includes a novel means of player participation in existing lottery games as well as providing gamers with the ability to play any number of new, exciting and interactive games,” a statement from Intralot read.

“GameTrails and GameSpot games, the first of the family to be presented, are truly entertaining lottery games that embrace players’ needs for mobility, extended play time and distribution points.”

There are numerous benefits available with the Tap’n’Play solution, not least that the interactive games are not accessible to the land-based network.

“It reduces the lotteries’ dependence on paper while it allows them to connect with a younger demographic by tapping into their needs for inter-activity and fast-paced connectivity at the places they frequent to meet and socialize,” read Intralot’s statement.

Referring to the potential and ability of the solution, Intralot said that “the possibilities are just endless.”