GTECH Launches Beijing Welfare Lottery App

GTECH Corporation, the gaming technology and services company has launched a mobile lottery app for the Beijing Welfare Lottery. The Android-enabled app will be available for Samsung mobile handsets.

The mobile application is part of a pilot project and will allow users to access draw-based and instant win games from the Beijing Welfare Lottery. Having taken three months to develop, the application was tailored specifically to the Beijing lottery market.

“The explosion of mobile devices globally coupled with the adoption of Android provides a compelling new paradigm for our lottery industry,” commented Donald Stanford, GTECH’s Chief Innovation Officer.

“This joint endeavor between the Beijing Welfare Lottery and GTECH is indicative of the innovation we expect with respect to retail solutions going forward.”

The new mobile app offers a number of exciting features including the attachment of mobile phones to portable thermal printers. It also supports 3D and Union Lotto games, online games and instant games. The Rhode Island and Asia Pacific Technology teams from GTECH tested the Chinese user interface, the design of the 3G network and the implementation security.

“The terminal is a powerful Samsung Galaxy SII that speaks wirelessly to a portable wearable Zebra thermal printer,” GTECH revealed in a statement.

“The application is based upon the Android operating system and leverages the phone’s camera functionality and the retail graphical user interface. The application was specifically developed for the Beijing Welfare Lottery retailers.”

GTECH’s Polish software development team worked together with Samsung engineers to develop the solution specifically for Samsung devices.

“This solution was a direct result of our global expertise and partnerships,” commented Matthew Whalen, GTECH’s Chief Technology Officer.

“Our development hub in Warsaw, Poland, did most of the application work supported by our colleagues in the region. We see great potential in leveraging third-party off-the-shelf components to meet specific lottery needs.”